SLJ Character Creation – Nian animation.

Hi everyone sorry for not posting for a while i’ve been in a family thing but the good thing is that i’m back😁.I have made a animation that goes through  the Nian story that is from China. Nian is a creature that only comes out in the Lunar New Year.It devour kids, farm animals, and crops.But I don’t want to spoil it! here’s the daily quote “Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life. Be Yourself” keep being positive. Have a good day/Night or Afternoon.

6 thoughts on “SLJ Character Creation – Nian animation.

  1. Kia ora Jeyda,
    My name is Theresa and I am one of the Summer Learning Journal commenters.

    I don’t even know what to say – I am speechless! The google slide story animation that you have created is absolutely incredible. The details you have included are just fantastic. I noticed all the tiny things like when the lady handed the man the bowl of food – I could see her arm moving with the bowl. You have shown some great passion and skill here – tino pai!
    This is a very high quality of work and I really hope you share it with your friends and family!

    I can’t wait to see what other SLJ tasks you will do these holidays!

    Take care

  2. Hi Jeyda,

    I really liked the Animation and all the effort you put in this animation definitely paid of because this is a great animation.

    Awesome Work

  3. Kia Jedya.
    My name is Khaing Shwe and I am from Pt England School.
    The Slides that you made were impressive Jedya.What did you like about your slides Jedya.
    Take Care
    Khaing Shwe

  4. Bula Vinaka Jeyda,

    I really like your animation. I like how you made the characters mouths move and I really like the way you made your characters. All the backgrounds were so beautiful! Good job this is great!

    – Karolina @ hay park

  5. Kia Ora Jeyda! Jamie here from Saint Patrick’s School. I love your Nian animation you made, it was very detailed. What was the hardest part when you did this? Was it colouring it in or making things move? Thanks for sharing Jeyda

  6. Kia Ora Jeyda, Patrick here from SFOA in Christchurch.

    Wowzers! I love your animation. I never knew about the “Nian” until now. Well I did but just never knew the name of it. This animation was proudly detailed and well written. I love it!

    I will be sure to write more information in my mythology notebook so that I will look more about Nian when I get the chance. How do you celebrate the Lunar New Year? I do not celebrate the Lunar New Year because I am a Filipino, we celebrate Sinulog instead. I hope you have been enjoying your new year! What have you been up to? Me and my parents went to Auckland and Queenstown.

    I hope you have a fantastic New Year!

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